My first release here at work!

Our first agile iteration was end of January. So, in two months we created this application from beginning to end.

I was the user experience and interaction designer for the entire application. What does that mean? I am the person that takes all of the requirements and sets out the initial vision of the application through sitemaps, flows, and wireframes. Everyone takes my work and uses that as the basis to start all development and QA testing. Then I go through and work with the developers as they are developing the app to make all of the inevitable changes that will occur along the way and update my wireframes as this occurs. My work is what comes first in the process but also carries everyone through to the end. I am the architect that provides the blueprints then ensures that the building follows the guidelines I’ve set forth.

It all starts out like this.

Pretty cool huh? Hah, well I think so anyway. 😛