WUD Recap

I had a great time today out at Sabre talking and networking with several usability folks. I think that our profession has a really interesting group of people in that we take up our cause to intentionally make the lives of others easier and the best part is we actually enjoy doing it.

I spent 20 minutes geeking out in the Sabre usability lab over hardware, software, and statistics. I talked with the Cubless guys about how they are going beyond just corporations and into non-profits, sports affiliations and even schools. I joked with the Microsoft guys about gaming. I tasted cookies, that I swear were the same, as a part of a psychology experiment. I made new friends, got to hang with old ones, and enjoyed the company of someone who was in awe that it was 74 degrees outside in November.

I picked up schwag, collected business cards, and hopefully left some good impressions.

Thank you to everyone who made today a great day. As someone who has been couped up for three weeks due to being laid off, it was quite refreshing to just be out and about and it was a double bonus to be amongst people who share the same passions as I.