Am I techy enough?

My first test against my tech cred in my Fedora research has been generating an ssh key and setting up my blog on Fedora Planet the Fedora blog aggregator. I looked this up on several resources, understood what it was, but not really how to make it work.

I uploaded several different keys I generated via several different sources and still no go. I finally figured out that it had nothing to do with where my blog was hosted, but rather, from where I was connecting i.e. my mac. So, I created a key on my mac and uploaded. Now, I had read on a mailing list found via google that it can take sometimes as long as an hour to propagate your key over to the authentication server. I am not sure how old this post was (simply forgot to check the date), but I thought it a good idea to wait anyway.

Sadly, that key didn’t work either. Then I found the cryptography fedora wiki entry. All other resources I had read had said to skip creating a password. This one stated that you needed to. So, again I generated a key and uploaded it.

So far still no go. I have someone who’s volunteered to help me. I just need to make a date with her online to get it done! As soon as I have this figured out I’ll post it for posterity in case someone else ends up being as newbish as me. 🙂