Saturday Morning @ SXSW

First stop was a panel on IA sketching, but of course it was at capacity. I really do need to start getting to panels earlier. [Must make opening remarks by Danah Boyd at 2 today!!]

Since I was already on the 4th floor, and it’s quite a trek to get there, I headed over to the Blogger’s Lounge where I met @sarahmworthy. Who when I asked if the free chairs at the table were taken, asked if I was cool enough to join them! Mentioning I was a cyber anthropologist was my ticket in. 😉

Being that I’ll likely get a bit of new traffic to the old blog here due to networking at SXSW, I figured I’d post a link to the podcast I did for last year’s SXSW – an introduction to cyber anthropology.

New visitors will also find that I currently have a lot of posts directed to the Fedora community. You can learn more about my Master’s practicum with Fedora / Red Hat via my short FAQ. Elevator speech: An explorative study on how to maintain, sustain, and grow the Fedora Project open source development community.

Other research new visitors might find interesting includes ethnography of a guild in World of Warcraft (circa 2006), as well as product research for Motorola (ask me for these papers and I’ll be happy to send them to you), and a subject matter expert for Microsoft on how people use the Internet.

I should finish my masters in applied anthropology at UNT this summer and will be starting my PhD in the fall at UNT in Philosophy of Information Science [Human Computer Interaction], for which I’ve been awarded a fellowship for my studies based on my academic performance that covers my full tuition for the next 4 years!

My day job is that of a User Experience Designer for The Planet. Just as a forewarning, nothing I say here has anything to do with the company I work for and they should not be held responsible for the content of this blog as it is solely mine.

On that note – off to the trade show, you can find us in booths 303 and 305!