Sunday Morning @ SXSW

It’s a beautiful day in Austin Texas. I have always said that if I were to ever live anywhere else in Texas it would be in Austin. I simply love this city. Now, I’ll admit that I might be spoiled by my SXSW experiences here, but even visiting it outside of SXSW I still love it.

I’m backin the Blogger’s Lounge today, hangning out with all sorts of geek types and debating whether or not I really want to go to today’s keynote.

There is a guy who just came in and sat down at our table doing a sort of prototype demo for a product meant for the Apple iPad, that is some sort of backing that would make it a wall mount, refridgerator magnet, shoulder strap holder and more. He started talking to one guy about it becaues he had a mac, but another guy picked up on the convo and took over the conversation. It’s very interesting watching the interaction between the three. I love being an anthropologist. It really plays into my people watching tendencies. 😉

I’m currently typing on my Dell Mini 9 running Fedora 12 / Moblin and getting a few looks. I have Fedora stickers on the outside of it that I catch people reading ever so often. It’s kind of fun to see people notice. The guy who took over the iPad prototype convo over is stating how he recently switched from Mac to Linux. I just jumped in to ask what he was running and he said, Mint then commented his laptop was built to run Linux ‘Zareason’ (out of Berkley, will be looking this up later). He states that it’s clunkier, heavier, not as stylish, but it’s what he can afford right now. What’s funny is the room is sponsored by Windows and the new Windows Phone 7.

Mac’s and netbooks definitely have the run of the room. The blogger is an interesting user.

Heading to today’s keynote!