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  1. Demian~DreamSinger
    November 21, 2007 @ 1:47 pm

    Thank you for posting more information on the dynamics between the families. The more I read the more I realize just how deep the duplicity runs in the offending family. This internet hoax can’t be a one of a kind/one time thing.

    I have a great interest in relational aggression from a healing standpoint and blog about it, and at first, I thought this was a case of relational aggression and lack of boundaries that we see with greater frequency – fathers going ballistic over “bad calls” by coaches and the like.

    But I would think anyone who shows no remorse and can put on such a show, even of being gracious, has got to be somewhere in the realm of narcissistic personality disorder.

    I believe in freedom of speech, but I also believe this went beyond a person’s right to express themselves. There are laws to protect people from slander and libel.

    And what about the photo of the boy they showed to Megan as Josh?

    Was he in on it, or was he a victim who had his photo lifted? If so, were any of his rights violated?

    You know, what people find most heinous about this is that it was instigated by an adult, but Megan didn’t know Josh wasn’t real. The fact is bullying can be excruciatingly cruel, and what you can’t do in cyberspace – punch someone in the eye – you make up for in psychological cruelty.

    I hope this opens up a lot of discussion as to how we can balance rights and responsibilities, and also, have us take a closer look at cyberbullying, the problems it causes – the lives it’s taken, and without the contribution of adults.

    Maybe this time, we won’t diminish it.

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    November 21, 2007 @ 2:01 pm

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