Webtwitch Wednesday!

Freshly back from SXSWi – here we go again with another installment of Webtwitch Wednesday!

The list for today:

TweetDeck – I had seen this pop up on screens all across SXSW and had no idea what it was. Though it was weird feeling as though I was behind the times, I did eventually ask what it was and am glad I did!
Cyark.org – Archaeology Online! – Got this one from the Real Tech of Indiana Jones panel.
Happiness Hypothesis – There seems to be a lot of upper management/CEOs/thought leaders looking into happiness. I got this one from the Zappos Keynote.
Four Hour Work Week Blog – also got from the Zappos Keynote.
Funology: From Usability to Enjoyment – this I got after doing a search on Funologist after attending the Funologist – Guerrilla Game Research (which was very cool – I’d like to have that title some day!) – but wow is the book expensive…
Adaptive Path Reading List – interesting how many of these I already own/have read.

Lastly, I’ve added the Anthropologist For Hire! link at the top. This is to help garner interest of companies who may be in need of the services of an anthropologist as I am looking for a company to be my practicum partner so that I may finish up the last requirements for my masters degree. Then I’ll be moving on to my PhD!

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