Webtwitch Wednesday

Blogging hiatus is now over and what better way to get back in the saddle again than to start with a Webtwitch Wednesday post!

Big news today:

Google says: Sorry China, we will not be kowtowing to you any more.

Good question posed by FastCompany:

And there’s also the issue that Google’s pull-out of China might make the overall human rights situation slightly worse. Because whether or not you approve of Google, while it was operating in China it was pushing for relaxations of censorship–using its size as a global giant to try to lever open some cracks in the censorship wall. And if it leaves the country, then what’s to stop the Chinese government running roughshod over any other players in the Internet tech game–likely far smaller ones than mighty Google–and forcing them to comply?

Rockstar San Diego Wive’s do as the EA Spouse did and post a letter to the Internet calling for better working conditions.

The WSJ reports that the US Court of Appeals reinstated an antitrust lawsuit against the major record labels over alleged price-fixing of Internet music downloads.

Ars Technica reports that Comcast wants clarity from the FCC even if it means Net Neutrality.