1. Paul Wren

    thanks for this post!

    Great cross-pollination between my two areas of effort– I’m a software engineer who has done a lot of waterfall development and a bit of agile, and I’m also pursuing graduate studies in anthropology.

    I read through the Lean Startup Wiki and scanned through Eric Ries’ blog, but these materials focus primarily on sw dev and startup funding. very little on general methodology, so I would love to see more specifics on how you might see this application working.

    The OAC has a couple of dedicated groups aimed at aiding anthropology students (undergrad and graduate), and might provide an excellent forum for pushing these ideas further.


  2. Mel Chua

    Oh man, yes. Thanks for writing this up, Diana – I’m starting my Phd next year while continuing to work full-time, and desperately need to rewire the way I think about studying so I’ll graduate and still get sleep.

    I’d be particularly interested in good ways of keeping metrics – check out Quantified Self (http://quantifiedself.com) meetups and blogs for some ideas there.

  3. Li-Chuan Chong

    Hi Diana,

    A colleague introduced me to this blog entry.

    I think you’re onto something… good.

    This paper might be of interest to you:
    Adapting Usability Investigations for Agile User-centered Design (Desirée Sy, 2007)



  4. Li-Chuan Chong

    And here’s another more recent study from Anders Ramsay (Nov, 2010) – http://www.andersramsay.com/2010/11/06/findings-from-the-state-of-agile-ux-survey

    Hope it’s useful.


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    […] Diana Martin has some great notes on the application of the lean startup methodology to grad school. […]

  6. Diana

    Thanks for all of the wonderful comments and resources. I will be following up on this soon. My semester has kicked in to crazy mode as of late, so I’m doing my best to apply this to what I can!

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