1. Robert Hubbard

    I love you my beautiful wife.

  2. DeAnne

    Awh. I’m so happy for you. You deserve, more than almost anyone else I know, to be happy. Go you for chasing your bliss and then working to keep it.

  3. Jacquelynn W.

    I think a lot of relationships like this exist nowadays. I find it interesting that I spend less time with my husband now than when we both had jobs. It’s like I get home and all I want to do is sleep, all he wants to do is stay awake. So movies and games (like World of Warcraft) do keep us fairly connected. In total thought i really only spend 4hrs a day or so with him (digitally or otherwise).

    But he makes the time matter, and for Valentines day I am the proud new digi-mama of a Moonkin Hatchling…

  4. Dan

    Best wishes to you and yours on this holiday! I, too, live a significant timezone difference from my loved ones, and while it can be difficult, the strength of bonds formed is amazing.

  5. Laura Negus

    Technology is definitely amazing. I am glad you two are so in love & dedicated! All the best in your marriage. Also, Diana, such a pleasure having class with you this weekend. I love your insights and look forward to learning more about your work.

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