1. Mel Chua

    Is there an option to digitally sign the contract (with your GPG key, or something like that)? We seem to be able to do it for the Fedora CLA, though I’m not sure exactly how that works out legally – and I’m guessing that if people don’t have to step out into the physical world to print/sign/scan, you’ll get a much, much larger and broader pool of respondents.

  2. Adam Williamson

    Rather than Skype, how about Fedora Talk?


    I am forever banging on about it in an effort to try and get more people using it…not that I’m involved, it’s just that 100% open SIP voice/video chat is so much more awesome than sekrit-saucey Skype!

  3. Diana

    @Mel – I have to follow the UNT IRB protocols, which require actual signatures, otherwise your idea would be perfect!

  4. Diana

    @Adam – Oh! Very cool, I had no idea that existed. Thanks! I’ll edit my post with that option.

  5. nicu

    Or video over Jabber with Empathy or Pidgin instead of Skype

  6. Robyn Bergeron

    Let me know if you need more interviewees. Us research folks have to stick together! 😉

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